Sharing and Learning Yoga provides resources and courses
to support the yoga seeker’s journey from yoga practice towards yoga sadhana and lifestyle.


A week long residential intensive is followed by 11 weeks of home practice and study to give a solid foundation and lived experience of the essence of Hatha Yoga and a series of essential yoga tools for living. READ MORE

A practical exploration and development of personal practice (sadhana) as part of daily life. Together, regular practice, reflection in daily life, and application of classic concepts for creating a quiet mind, create an immersive experience leading to greater self understanding. READ MORE

Yoga Instructor in the Satyananda Tradition is a re-imagining of what it is to be a yoga instructor. There will be a practical immersion approach to sharing the basic practices. Participants will also gain confidence to encourage students to practice regularly, stand on their own feet, and develop resilience in every aspect of their lives. READ MORE

Sharing and Learning Yoga is in the process of developing new professional development work-shops for Yoga Instructors and other professionals.

More information soon.