Yoga Instructor in the Satyananda Tradition

Preview of the new course

This new 500 hour course addresses the current absence of training courses in Australia for aspiring instructors in the Satyananda Tradition of Yoga. The course builds on previous training courses, particularly those conducted over the last twenty years, and is adapted to reflect evolving community contexts, standards and refinements in the tradition.


The course consists of two personal practice (sadhana) Dimensions of Yoga modules based on Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga, which may be taken independently (standalone), or undertaken in either order, followed by a longer duration yoga instructors’ module. Each module includes a combination of a residential component followed by home practice and study. Together, the three modules constitute the new qualification.

Focus and approach

The new course reflects a number of key priorities. A solid foundation in personal practice forms the basis for becoming an instructor. Therefore, the two twelve week modules that focus on developing regular personal practice are completed before yoga instructor training commences. Practical holistic investigation and experience of the relevant practices is presented entirely in the Satyananda Tradition of Yoga. The course will include in depth investigation of classic texts, with a strong emphasis on texts from the Satyananda tradition texts and commentaries, such as Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha; The Conversations Series; Yoga Drishti Series; Hatha Yoga Pradipika; Four Chapters on Freedom; Meditations from the Tantras and Yoga Nidra. Throughout the course the participants’ personal understanding of the immediate benefits of yoga is developed through ongoing immersion in yoga practice. This is framed by serious exploration of traditional texts and teachings. The course is structured to support a self reflective process of investigation of the effects of practice on body, mind, emotions and energy, grow understanding of the traditions and concepts of yoga, and greater understanding of oneself. An overarching goal is to provide a platform for deeper lifelong experience in yoga and life, including the adoption of yoga as a lifestyle. The aim is to support the development of self reliant and reflective practitioners of yoga with a clear understanding and acknowledgement of their tradition, who, when it comes to their own life, and when instructing yoga, are able to reflect, act and speak from the clarity of personal experience.


Two Dimensions of Yoga modules were conducted in 2018. Each module is now running for a second time. Completion of a Dimensions of Yoga Module in 2018-19 will count towards the new qualification. The Dimensions of Yoga modules are conducted in small groups of around 20 students. This allows a lot of discussion and interaction tailored to the needs of the group. It is envisaged that numbers will be kept under 20 throughout 2019. This means places are limited and early application with deposit is the way to ensure a place. Participants who complete these modules will then be able to enrol in the Yoga Instructors’ Module in mid 2019. The Yoga Instructor Module will run from July until December 2019. In this delivery mode, the three modules together become a 12 month intensive course. A number of other scenarios are also possible, including taking 18 months to 2 years to complete the course, which would allow for longer breaks and personal integration of the practices between modules. Optional packages for additional weeks of home study and practice are planned for those who take longer breaks. The fast track version of the full course will contain 32 residential days, 44 weeks of home practice and study, and take 500 hours of time to complete. The slow track version of the course will provide double the time period to integrate the home practice and study for each of the Dimensions of Yoga modules, extending the time to complete the course, but deepening the immersion.

More information and application on the Dimensions of Yoga Modules

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Dates: Hatha Yoga Dimensions of Yoga Intake 2 – 11th Jan to  7th Apr 2019 7 day residential – 11th to 18th Jan 2019 11 weeks home prac. and study final weekend – 5th to 7th Apr 2019

Raja Yoga Dimensions of Yoga Intake 2 – 11th Apr to 30th Jun 2019 7 day residential 11 weeks home prac. and study final weekend

Yoga Instructors Intake 1 – 7th Jul to Dec 2019 2 x 7 day residential – 7th to 14th Jul, 29th Sep – 6th Oct 2 x 11 week home prac. and study finish Dec 2019

Fees: Separate applications are made for each module, with two staggered payments, and a place secured by an $800 deposit.

Each Dimensions of Yoga module: $1900 Early Bird $1800 (Additional discounts for enrolment in second module)

Yoga Instructors module: $2800 Early Bird $2600