Mantra Yoga in Daily Life

May 3 arrive 5pm – May 9 finish 1pm
$900 Early bird price until April 29
$1150 from April 30

Swami Vimalratna & Swami Atmamuktananda
A partnership between Rocklyn Yoga Ashram and Sharing and Learning Yoga

Venue: Rocklyn Yoga Ashram

Residential followed
by one month part time
home study program

Mantra is one of the simplest but perhaps least understood aspects of yoga.

Mantra may be most effective
when it is at it is most simple.

Mantra may be integrated into yoga practices such as meditation, pranayama and asana or into every day life.

Mantra may be chanted for health and wellbeing. It may be used to systematically tame an unruly mind or used to clear up the hidden corners of one’s consciousness. Regular practice can define and shape each day.

This highly practical week explores mantra chanting of various kinds, including as part of regular personal practice, in every day life situations, and in the ashram.

Mantras will include Om, So ham, Gayatri mantra, Mahamrityanjaya, Shanti Mantras, bhajans and kirtan. 

Practices will be explained in terms of meaning and purpose, and practiced in a straightforward way that is both practical and informed by their origins where the potential of subtle vibration of mantra is explored in the context of traditional texts.

Open up this dimension in your life.